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Watch Services - Repair, Restoration & Customization

High-end timepieces are crafted for endurance, and you can safeguard their durability by consistently selecting watch maintenance. With our expertise, you gain access to an array of premium watch maintenance options, encompassing replacement services, bracelet adjustments, meticulous polishing, and thorough cleaning, among other offerings.

Essential Services Every Luxury Watch Owner Should Consider

Premium watches demand specific maintenance to retain their pristine condition. These meticulous watch care services often entail precision part replacements to ensure seamless functionality. Given their enduring quality, you can also opt for professional polishing and cleaning to restore the luster of your beloved Rolex or Patek Philippe. Additionally, clients frequently seek bracelet services and bespoke customizations to tailor their timepieces to perfection.

At our establishment, we specialize in servicing and restoring premium watches, catering to both classic and vintage models as well as contemporary timepieces with intricate mechanical features. Whether it's circuit replacements or bracelet adjustments, we provide comprehensive solutions for all your watch needs under one roof. Our offerings also encompass expert polishing and thorough cleaning to uphold the impeccable standards of your cherished timepieces.

⦿ Customization

⦿ Replacement services

⦿ Bracelet services

⦿ Polishing and cleaning

Replacement Services

⦿ Battery replacement

⦿ Circuit replacement

⦿ Crystal replacement for sapphire/plexiglass

⦿ Crystal polishing for plexiglass

⦿ Dial replacement

⦿ Crown replacement

⦿ Bezel replacement / restoration

⦿ Calendar replacement

To uphold the flawless performance of your wristwatch, occasional part replacements are essential. Our range of watch care services includes luxury watch battery replacement and circuit replacement to sustain the optimal functioning of your timepiece. With our expedited services, you can have the battery of your luxury watch replaced within a matter of hours. Circuit replacement becomes necessary for quartz watches experiencing operational issues.

Furthermore, we extend our services to encompass crystal, crown, and bezel replacements, ensuring your watch maintains its pristine appearance. Depending on the specific model of your watch, our skilled watch services team can also accommodate calendar replacement, providing comprehensive care tailored to your timepiece's requirements.

Bracelet Services

If you've recently acquired a new luxury watch and desire a more comfortable fit for the bracelet, look no further. Bring your timepiece to us, and we'll provide precise link removal and adjustment to ensure an optimal fit on your wrist. Additionally, our services extend to bracelet replacements and the restoration of dents on gold bracelets.

For older Rolex models, we specialize in bracelet link tightening services, ensuring a snug and secure fit. Our expertise in bracelet services also encompasses the provision of leather or rubber straps, along with the fabrication of aftermarket links available in silver or leather straps. Trust us to customize your watch's bracelet to your exact preferences and specifications, enhancing both comfort and style.

⦿ Replacement / refurbishment

⦿ Link removal / adjustment

⦿ Repair of dents (gold)

⦿ Bracelet link tightening (old Rolex models)

⦿ Metal links

⦿ Leather/rubber straps

⦿ Manufacturing of aftermarket links in silver or leather straps (original piece required for dimension specifications)

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Polishing and Cleaning

Wearing your luxury watch on an everyday basis? We can bring its shine back and make it look like new. With our polishing and cleaning services, you can get your watch back in its best condition.

What are the benefits of having your watch polished?

Timepieces from renowned brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and other luxury labels are renowned for their enduring quality, often serving as cherished heirlooms passed down through generations. If you possess such a vintage watch brimming with sentimental value, entrust it to us for comprehensive polishing, cleaning, and luxury watch restoration. Not only will this preserve your cherished memories, but it will also allow you to don the very same timepiece that once graced your grandfather's wrist.

Our services aren't limited to vintage watches alone; they're equally beneficial for newer timepieces. If your watch has weathered the trials of time and requires revitalization, our internal polishing and cleaning procedures ensure seamless functionality. Through meticulous polishing, we'll restore your watch's radiant luster, rejuvenating it to its pristine state, evoking the same allure as when it was first acquired.